Birthdays, team building, holiday camps, and more

parque Aventura

Organize your event in nature!

Looking to throw a birthday party, an original school outing, or a sports day with colleagues or friends? From the north to the south of Portugal, our parks welcome groups of adventurers all year round! Adults or children, take advantage of our group rates for your paintball and adventure park activities.


Birthday Parties

Organize an unforgettable birthday at the adventure park! Depending on the age of the participants, choose the most suitable experience and compose your tailor-made adventure. Picnic tables are available for you to blow out the candles between courses.


Schools, Scouts, and Holiday Camps

Experience a new method of learning in direct contact with nature, strengthening the spirit of teamwork, a sense of responsibility, and autonomy.


Team Building and Companies

An excellent way to break the ice, reward your team, celebrate the end of the season, and strengthen cohesion among colleagues!


Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

Looking for ideas to spice up the end of single life? Dressed up or not, offer the bride- or groom-to-be a memorable and adrenaline-filled experience! There’s nothing like it for burying single life and starting a new chapter…